iOS 11 could feature a Siri that learns and anticipates your habits

The competition in the smart assistant space is heating up. Google's Assistant is rolling out to all major Android phones and is nestled happily in the Google Home speaker, while Amazon's enjoying a roaring success with its Alexa-powered Echo range. Despite being early to the voice assistant game with Siri, Apple's smart assistant is looking relatively lacking by comparison.

That may change with iOS 11, however. A new report from Israeli gadget site The Verifier claims that Apple will be doubling down on Siri with its next operating system update.

The source claims that Apple will be supercharging Siri with AI smarts, allowing the voice assistant to anticipate your actions by learning your behavior over time. Tied to users rather than devices, the AI learnings will carry over from your phone to your linked Mac and Apple TV device too, bringing personalized predictive text and messaging to each Apple product you own.

Getting Sirious

While The Verifier is an unproven source, recent Apple patents have certainly pointed towards Apple taking Siri in this direction. Certainly, artificial intelligence is a booming area of expansion for tech companies, and its powerful machine learning ideas are key to making natural voice commands perform more efficiently.

Apple's WWDC 2017 is set to kick off on June 5, and is the usual stage for iOS updates. Expect to see if there's any truth in this rumor then.

In the meantime, Apple's also said to be looking into other future-tech avenues, with the company now expected to reveal a pair of augmented reality spectacles next year.

Gerald Lynch

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