Wal-Mart to assist UltraViolet sign-ups

Wal-Mart to assist UltraViolet sign-ups
Presence in Wal-Mart stores aims to raise awareness of UltraViolet

Hollywood studios are enlisting the help of Wal-Mart stores in order to boost awareness of the UltraViolet movie streaming solution in the United States.

The drive, according to the Wall Street Journal, will help users register movie and TV show DVDs they already own to enable them to be streamed over the web to a range of connected devices.

Wal-Mart will reportedly have in-store kiosks with staff assisting customers to register pre-purchased movies that are part of the UltraViolet service.

The list should contain thousands of titles beyond recent releases launched with the UltraViolet logo on the packaging. Wal-Mart will charge a 'small-fee' for their services, claims the report.

Slow start

The UltraViolet scheme was launched in January as Hollywood's latest attempt to tackle digital piracy and prolong the life of the ailing physical media market in the face of stiff competition from Netflix, iTunes and Amazon, among others.

Backed by over 70 movie industry stalwarts, including the likes of Time Warner, Sony Pictures, Universal and Twentieth Century Fox, the service has so far struggled to engage the public.

The UltraViolet Alliance hopes a very visible presence in Wal-Mart stores across the US and a $30m marketing campaign will help improve sign-ons beyond the paltry one million current members.

The partnership is yet to be officially confirmed by either party, while the WSJ points out that UltraViolet is also in talks with Best Buy over a similar deal.

Via: WSJ

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