Miss Bimbo sparks outrage

Miss Bimbo sparks outrage!

An online game called Miss Bimbo has sparked wide-scale media outrage in the UK.

The game, which touts itself as a ‘virtual fashion game’ allows players (who can be as young as 9) to get breast augmentation surgery or take diet pills to make their character more attractive.

Big in France

Already a smash in France, British kids are flocking to the site, sparking some inevitable questions about whether this kind of thing is suitable for our impressionable young.

Signing up for the process is, ahem, childs-play, and the start-up immediately gives you a skinny girl in her underwear to dress and achieve goals.

Get a job, girl!

Those achievements include: change your drab hairstyle to become a popular blonde with cool pigtails, rent your very own apartment (‘Bout time you got your own pad!’) and get a new job.

Players start with 1,000 bimbo dollars and, believe it or not, an IQ of 70. It seems to be a case of satire being mis-marketed to the wrong people - but who knows.

It's certainly a whole new level of aspiration for even the most level-headed of tweenies.

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