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Instagram launches a grown-up version of Snapchat Stories


Instagram has announced the launch of Stories, its own take on Snapchat's ephemeral feature that lets you share photos and videos which disappear after 24 hours.

Instagram Stories lets you compile your videos and images into one single album that will grow as you add more, before things start to vanish.

You can also write and draw on said pictures, making it - yeah - pretty much just Snapchat Stories.

And like Snapchat Stories, you can see who's viewed your amazing #viral content, although people won't be able to like or comment on it.

Off-the-cuff content

Stories will appear as icons in a row at the top of your feed - rather than a separate section of the app, like Snapchat's - and you'll see a colorful ring appear around them when new content has been added.

Instagram sees this as a feature for sharing more of the off-the-cuff stuff you don't deem worthy enough for an everlasting post.

And maybe even a way for more of the adults to get in on the Snapchat-style fun.

Stories will roll out to Instagram on Android and iOS over the next few weeks. You can read more over on Instagram's blog.