Google Q4 earnings disappoint, shares down 10 per cent

Google Q4 earnings disappoint, shares down 9 per cent

Google has suffered the rare indignity of falling below Wall Street expectations after announcing its earnings for Q4 2011.

Company stock dropped a whopping ten per cent in after-hours trading after reporting net revenue of $8.13 billion (£5.25bn) and $9.50 (£6.13) in earnings per share.

While those figures still put the company in a position to be envied by almost every other publicly traded entity in the world, Wall Street was expecting more.

Experts had predicted $8.40 billion in net revenue and $10.49 in earnings per share.

Spinning the positives

Although it's rare that Google misses the mark, the company is heralding it's first $10 billion+ quarter, before "traffic acquisition costs." and a 25 per cent gain on the corresponding quarter in 2010.

The company also announced that there are now 90 million registered Google+ users on planet earth, which is up from the 30 million it reported during the last earnings cool.

However, how many of those 90 million are actively using Google+ is a different matter altogether.

Via: TechCrunch