Will the Vive 2 be cheaper? HTC makes its biggest hint yet

HTC is developing new virtual reality products at different price points plus a new Vive virtual reality headset, the company has confirmed to TechRadar.

“We’re always developing new products, so, yes,” Marc Metis, Global Head of Vive X at HTC Vive, told TechRadar when asked whether the company is working on a new Vive headset. 

“We’ll continue to evolve the current Vive with innovations,“ he continued. “You’ll also see new lines of products. In some cases, we’re working with new partners to address new segments.”

Metis spoke to us at Vive X Demo Day, a showcase of 26 companies in the Vive X accelerator program. Metis shared with us before Demo Day that HTC is actively pursuing Vive’s transition into a device used in verticals beyond gaming, including enterprise, education, medicine, social media and entertainment. 

Though some of HTC’s partnerships in these areas may not be public right now, Metis said at Demo Day that HTC has “significant enterprise companies using VR today.” 

“It’s already the case that Vive is the tool of choice because it’s the highest end, the most immersive experience,” he said. “We’ll continue to innovate. The road map is not at all static. You’ll see it broaden out and more use cases [emerge].”

Is the price right for future Vive headsets?

High-end comes at a cost, and we asked whether the HTC Vive price of $799 coupled with the need to be hooked up to a high-end PC could be a hindrance to broadening Vive’s user base. 

Metis responded by saying that Vive is the “most immersive, high-end product in the market,” one with “huge strengths and benefits” for fields like medicine and education, but added HTC isn’t finished innovating. 

“We’ll also always try to address other market segments as well,” Metis said. “Expect new offerings from us over time. We’re an entrepreneurial company. Don’t view us as static. We’ll only enter a segment when we can offer the most immersive and considered experience. “

“We’ll enter different segments at different price points,” he continued. “We’ll satisfy the high-end and different price points. Expect more information to come.”

Teaser for the standalone HTC Vive headset running Google Daydream

Teaser for the standalone HTC Vive headset running Google Daydream

Metis didn’t offer details on what kind of virtual reality products HTC is developing, including whether these are new headsets. He also didn’t elaborate whether the new Vive in development is the HTC Vive 2.

One new Vive headset we already know about is a wireless standalone headset that will run on the Google Daydream VR platform. The headset, which doesn’t need a PC, phone or cable to connect to another device, will launch later this year.

It’s not surprising HTC is exploring different price points for VR devices, especially if the company hopes to stay competitive with Oculus Rift, which lowered its price in March.

With new HTC virtual reality products - and a new Vive headset - on the horizon, HTC isn’t rolling over to Rift any time soon.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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