How to watch Supernatural free online: stream season 15 series finale from anywhere

watch supernatural online free
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TV's longest running sci-fi drama, Supernatural, takes its final bow tonight, with season 15, episode 20 representing the series finale for the popular show. Follow our guide as we explain how to watch Supernatural online - stream the season 15 and series finale wherever you are right now, including for free in some places!

Watch Supernatural free online

The Supernatural series finale airs tonight (Thursday, November 19) at 9pm ET/PT, with the show's usual 8pm weekly slot being filled by a special retrospective after it's broadcast, the episode will become available to stream 100% free on The CW website from Friday, November 20 - you don't even need to sign up, it's that easy! Full TV and streaming details are below and it's also free in many other places - plus wherever you are, you can watch the show just like you would at home with the help of a good VPN.

Warning: spoilers for Supernatural season 15, episode 19 exist below. Scroll down for our spoiler-free guide to watching Supernatural in countries all over the world.

Supernatural made its debut back in 2005 on current host channel The CW's predecessor, The WB. Fans will be treated a one-hour special retrospective before the last ever episode is broadcast, and while the show seemingly wrapped up its main storyline in episode 19, 'Inherit the Earth', the synopsis for episode 20 'Carry On' promises us: "...a final ride for saving people and hunting things". Intriguing!

Inherit the Earth saw Chuck defeated at last, with Jack having absorbing his powers and therefore able to heal Dean and Sam before ascending to a higher plane. The camera stops rolling with the brothers drinking to old friends and those lost along the way, which is really all you can ask for when you've spent a good part of your life fighting God, Lucifer, and various other primordial powers.

It was a satisfyingly conclusion, with the only real question left unanswered being: where will the show's final ever episode take us? We're about to find out. Read on as we explain how to watch Supernatural season 15 online and stream the series finale free just after it airs on TV.

How to watch Supernatural online from outside your country

While the ongoing pandemic means that international travel might be limited, it’s still possible for many of us to visit countries on government ‘approved travel’ lists. For those abroad on business or getting some winter sun when Supernatural season 15 airs its final episode, you’ll be unable to watch the sci-fi mainstay conclude its epic run due to annoying regional restrictions.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution. Downloading a VPN will allow you to stream the Supernatural series finale online no matter where you are. It's a simple bit of software that changes your IP address, meaning that you can access on-demand content or live TV just as if you were at home.

Use a VPN to watch Supernatural series finale from abroad

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watch supernatural free online

How to watch Supernatural free online in the US


Those with a cable subscription can watch the Supernatural season 15 live on The CW at 9pm ET/PT on Thursday, November 19. However, it's only airing on linear TV at the time, becoming available for streaming a few hours later on Friday, November 20.

When it does, the good news is it's 100% FREE to watch Supernatural online via The CW website - you don't even need to register, just press play!

If you really can't wait and need to get CW programming live the way you would with cable, then you'll need an over-the-top streaming service that offers the channel.

Of the many options, we recommend FuboTV for fans of Supernatural, as in addition to offering The CW as part of its core package of more than 100 channels, it also gives you a  1-week free trial - again making it's possible to watch Supernatural season 15 free online. Should you like what you see and decide to keep it, the  cable replacement service costs $59.99 a month thereafter.

Outside of the US? Watch the Supernatural series finale just like you would at home by summoning the powers of a good VPN.

watch supernatural season 15 online canada

How to watch the Grey's Anatomy season 17 online in Canada


Canadians can see how things pan out for the Winchester brothers in tandem with the US, as CTV will also be airing the Supernatural series finale on Thursday November 19 at 9pm ET/PT. The network will add episodes to its on-demand platform once they’ve aired, and if you have a cable provider, they’ll be available to watch for free.

Unfortunately, CTV doesn't offer a streaming-only subscription option - so if you don't have it as part of a cable package, you're flat out of luck - which is a shame given such options are available in other countries.

Those with CTV wanting to log-in to watch the service from abroad will need to download a VPN to connect like they would at home and usurp any geo-blocking they may encounter.

watch supernatural season 15 uk

How to watch Supernatural season 15 free online in the UK

shown by free-to-air Channel 4

Supernatural fans in the UK are also in luck, as season 15 is currently being shown by free-to-air Channel 4 in the country.

However, the region is a fair ways behind the US and Canada, with roughly only half of season 15 having to date, though it's catching up quickly - a new double bill of episodes airing Friday nights at 9pm GMT on 4Music. 

Anyone in the UK from abroad that's fully up-to-date with Supernatural season 15 might find this frustrating, but worry not. As we mention above, you can avoid regional blocks by checking out a VPN solution.

watch supernatural free online australia

How to watch Supernatural season 15 free online in Australia


Australia is very nearly in sync with the US and Canada when it comes to Supernatural season 15, as episode 20 - the series finale - airs at 10.30pm AEDT on Friday, November 20, only 24 hours after it's broadcast in the States.

Best of all, it's being shown by 100% free-to-air Network 10 on its 10 Peach channel, and becomes available to stream online shortly thereafter on the 10 Play streaming service - which is equally free!

That's all there is to it Down Under, but it's worth reiterating that any Australians abroad unable to tune into their home streaming services can try using the VPN method outlined above to get back up and running.

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