How to watch the new Doctor Who special online

watch doctor who special free online
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Doctor Who is back on our screens to bring in the New Year, and returning with it are some familiar faces and, erm, chassis. With the Time Lord imprisoned halfway across the universe, now would be about as terrible moment as any for our dear leaders to decide to deploy Daleks on the streets, but then again that level of wisdom is about par for the course for the current inhabitants of 10 Downing Street. We’ll explain here how to watch Revolution of the Daleks, the Doctor Who New Year Special online from anywhere in the world - including for FREE in the UK and the US!

Watch new Doctor Who special free online

The Doctor Who New Year Special, Revolution of the Daleks, will be broadcast at 6.45pm GMT on New Year's Day on BBC One, and runs for approximately 75 minutes. If you’d prefer to watch it online, you can do so live or on-demand via BBC iPlayer. It's completely FREE TO USE in the UK (but you should have a valid TV license). Spending the holidays abroad? With the help of a good VPN you can tune in from anywhere.

That places responsibility for the survival of the human race firmly in the hands of Yaz, Ryan and Graham, who really don't stand a chance without the Doctor. How much can three normal people really do when phrases like "Prepare for maximum extermination" are being screeched out by floating, laser-fitted malevolent trash cans?  

Fortunately, while the Doctor's away, her companions can rely on some much-needed help from none other than Captain Jack Harkness, who intersperses his usual blend of light comedy and nostalgia with one or two stark warnings for his new companions.

Chris Noth also reprises his role as the eminently hateable Jack Robertson, the only guy who could make you question how bad those pesky Daleks really are. Ready for a fresh helping of cheese and sci-fi horseplay? Read on as we explain how to watch the Doctor Who New Year Special 2021 online, and stream this beloved BBC show for FREE in the UK, US, and also from anywhere.

How to watch the Doctor Who New Year Special 2021 online from outside your country

If you're outside of your country of residence over the holidays, then geo-blocking restrictions will prevent you from streaming the Doctor Who special online today.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. By downloading a VPN – short for Virtual Private Network – you can alter your IP address to that of your country back home, and so stream TV content that would otherwise be inaccessible.

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watch Doctor Who New Year Special 2021

How to watch new Doctor Who special online free: stream Revolution of the Daleks in the UK 


Brits can catch Revolution of the Daleks, the 75-minute festive special, on BBC One on New Year's Day, starting at 6.45pm GMT. 

But if you miss the initial broadcast because you’re still stuck in Whiskyland, or would just prefer to watch it online, you can stream it live or on-demand through BBC iPlayer - a 100% completely FREE to watch service! You should, however, have an up-to-date TV license.

If you’re out of the country, you won’t be able to connect to BBC iPlayer thanks to frustrating regional restrictions. But, downloading a VPN will let you change your IP address and so stream your favourite shows just as if you were curled up at home on the sofa.

watch Doctor Who New Year Special 2021 usa

How to watch Doctor Who special 2021 free online in the US today


If you're in the US, you've got a couple of options. You can catch the Doctor Who New Year Special on BBC America at 8pm ET on January 1.

But if you don't have a cable package with BBC America included, signing up to an OTT provider like FuboTV or Sling will be your best bet – and new subscribers can claim a free 7-day trial with either.

Away from home over the Christmas period? Then you'll want to pack a good VPN so you can connect to your IPTV service back home and watch Revolution of the Daleks. 

watch Doctor Who New Year Special 2021 canada

How to watch the Doctor Who special online in Canada 


The Doctor Who New Year Special will be broadcast on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi channel at 8pm ET on January 1. The show can also be streamed through its website and app, but you’ll need to enter your cable login details first.

If you’re traveling as the Revolution of the Daleks episode lands, don’t let geo-blocks prevent you from tuning in. Download the best VPN you can stream TV live and on-demand from anywhere in the world.

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