Here's what we think the DualSense controller tells us about the PS5 design

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Sony has now revealed the DualSense PS5 controller, the gamepad we'll be using with the PlayStation 5 when the console releases in late 2020. 

The PS5 controller's look provides a few clues about what we can expect the PS5 design to be like so, based on what we know about the next-gen console, and the DualSense's design, we got a designer to create a PS5 design render.

Check it out below:

Let's break it down

Our PS5 design render is pretty futuristic – and that's exactly what we're expecting the PlayStation 5 aesthetic to be – looking almost alien, but sleek and stylish. 

Our design is two-tone white and black. While the console is primarily white, it also has blue lights running along the body and black bottom section – much like the DualSense controller. As we've previously stated, we expect the console to reflect the controller, as Sony has historically had matching standard controllers to accompany its consoles. 

We also know, from dev kits and what Sony has divulged about power consumption, that the PS5 will likely need a lot of ventilation, without being an eye sore. Our designer popped the ventilation fans at the bottom of the console, where they blend into the black bottom section.

There's also a disc-drive, as Sony has confirmed the PS5 will play optical discs and will even double as a 4K Blu-ray player.

TechRadar PS5 render

TechRadar PS5 render (Image credit: Future)

Our PS5 design render includes two ports at the front of the console, both USB-C, as the DualSense controller will charge via USB-C port. However, we may expect to see more ports on the actual console.

Now, let's talk about the length. You may immediately notice that our PS5 design render looks quite long but, while the actual console likely won't be as long as this, we are expecting Sony to have to make its next-gen console somewhat bigger to pack in all the hardware it needs to. 

While Microsoft is building upwards with the Xbox Series X, with a tower-like design, we think Sony will opt for something a bit different without creating a blocky, chunk of a console. Instead it could add more width to the PS5 while cutting down the height to less than that of the PS4 - almost like a Blu-ray player style.

These images were created based on what we know, predict and want to see from the PS5 design. The actual PlayStation 5 console could look nothing like this, but it's near impossible to exactly predict the PS5 design. 

We'll just have to wait until Sony officially unveils the console in all its glory.

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