Google's Wear OS update 'H' improves smartwatch battery life


It was only in September that Google rolled out a system update for Wear OS, adding a cleaner interface, Google Assistant support, and a revamped Google Fit app. That update, which was mostly cosmetic, made Google-powered smartwatches a joy to use, but the search giant isn’t stopping there.

Google has now announced that it will be rolling out another update – simply called ‘H’ – in the coming months to Wear OS which will change four primary aspects of the operating system.

'Conservation' is the new buzzword

The main change is an improvement to the battery life of the wearable. Google has reworked the Battery Saver Mode to display only the current time when the battery level falls below 10%. That means switching on the new Battery Saver Mode will dumb down your smartwatch to become a ... watch.

To further extend battery power, the new update improves on the wearable’s movement detection. If the device has been inactive for 30 minutes, it will automatically go into a “deep sleep mode” to conserve battery.

Smart moves

The other two changes that system update H brings aren’t related to battery life. The first among these is a Smart App Resume feature, which lets you pick up where you left off in any app on the device. 

The last set of changes involve how you can power down your device. Google has made it easy by making it a simple two-step process. Instead of having to dig through the settings menu to locate the “power off” option, Wear OS update H will allow users to turn the device off by holding down the power button and selecting “power off” or “restart” on the display.

Google says the notification for the new update will begin to appear across devices “over the coming months”, but eligibility for the update will be determined by the smartwatch manufacturer.