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Google Wifi now helps you take a break from the internet

Worried you and your family spend too much time staring at devices? Wish there was a way to take a break from the internet, no excuses? Google Wifi is here to help.

Google is rolling out a new feature for its Wi-Fi mesh system aptly called "Scheduled Pause." This lets users block out time to turn off the internet connection to select devices, helping families focus on other activities, like finishing homework, winding down before bed or enjoying real-life face time during dinner. 

To activate the feature, head into the Google Wifi app and select which devices you want to disconnect. Then, name the block of time (such as "Bedtime" or "Homework") and select the hours and days you want the pause schedule to take effect. 

While a simple idea, this could help Google Wifi owners indulge in much-welcome breathers from the web, where we can often get sucked into binge watching marathons, obsessively checking email and social media, and generally not being present with the people around us. It's a small step, but there's no arguing it's on the right track.