Google Pixel 6 Pro detailed in extensive leak

Google Pixel 6
The Google Pixel 6 (Image credit: Google)

With the iPhone 13 range now unveiled, the next big phone launch is likely to be the Google Pixel 6 range, and a big leak has detailed much of what to expect from the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

XDA Developers received a whole bunch of information from a leaker who wishes to remain anonymous. Most of it we’ve heard before, but hearing it again makes it all the more likely to be true, and there is some new stuff here too.

The leaker claims for example that the Pixel 6 Pro has specs that match up with a recent benchmark, including 12GB of RAM, a Mali-G78 GPU, and a 2x2x4 configuration of chipset cores.

They also claim that the Pixel 6 Pro has a 5,000mAh battery (with reverse wireless charging), and a triple-lens rear camera, with a 50MP Samsung GN1 for the main sensor, a 12MP Sony IMX386 ultra-wide, and a 48MP Sony IMX586 telephoto. The camera apparently has both a ‘baby mode’ and a motion deblur feature, and the front camera is thought to be 12MP.

Rapid refresh but no Active Edge

There’s also said to be 128GB of storage, an in-screen fingerprint scanner, and a 1440 x 3120 screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. The source claims also that this screen can operate at max resolution and with the maximum refresh rate simultaneously.

They’re not sure whether it has a variable refresh rate (which can automatically shift down when a high refresh rate isn’t needed), but in a lower power state (such as when using the always-on display) is can apparently drop to 10Hz or 30Hz.

Other details include the presence of ultra-wideband support, which can be used for precisely tracking objects, and in the case of the Pixel 6 Pro will apparently power a digital car key app.

The Pixel 6 Pro also apparently has a 5G modem from Samsung, and the ability to double tap the back of the phone to launch Google Assistant, but what it apparently doesn’t have is Active Edge, so you can’t squeeze the sides to launch Google Assistant.

A trio of screenshots seemingly taken from the Google Pixel 6 Pro

Screenshots seemingly taken from the Google Pixel 6 Pro (Image credit: XDA Developers)

Analysis: nothing here seems unlikely

While we’d always take leaks and rumors with a pinch of salt, in this case we’d think most or perhaps even all of the details are likely true.

We’re probably very close to the Pixel 6 range’s launch, as we’re expecting the phones to land in October, and leaks tend to be fairly accurate this close to launch,.

Plus, as noted we’ve heard much of this already. There are a few new details here, such as the claim that Active Edge won’t be present, but the bulk of it is just reiterating previous leaks – many of which come from reputable sources.

So while we can’t be certain, we’re not expecting too many surprises from the Google Pixel 6 Pro at this point. That’s okay though, because what we’ve heard about it is certainly promising.

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