Gears 5 is free on Steam for people who want something to do in lockdown at Easter

(Image credit: The Coalition)

If you’ve not played Gears 5, and you were thinking it might be a rather dull Easter weekend due to the coronavirus lockdown, then think again – because the game is free to PC gamers for a limited time.

In fact, Gears 5 is free to grab right now on Steam (or indeed the Microsoft Store if you prefer), and you can play as much as you want for the next five days, through until Sunday, April 12.

If you put in some hours – and let’s face it, you’ve probably got them – that should give you enough time to complete the campaign (which, generally speaking, lasts for around 10 to 20 hours, depending on your play style, and how long you take to smell the roses and so forth).

Co-op capers

Don’t forget that Gears 5 also has a load of multiplayer modes to get stuck into, and there’s co-op, too, for those wanting some possibly much-needed (albeit virtual) social interaction over the weekend.

As PC Gamer spotted, this time-limited freebie is part of Microsoft’s Xbox Free Play Days scheme, which is normally restricted to those subscribing to the Game Pass Ultimate (or Xbox Live Gold). While that is still the case on Microsoft’s console, on the PC side, anyone can enjoy the game from Steam.

We were seriously impressed with Gears 5 in our review, and in fact we felt it was the best instalment of the shooter franchise ever made, arguably cementing Gears of War’s place as the greatest shooter on the market, no less.

So now’s your chance to form your own opinion, if you haven’t yet, and check out those many excellent multiplayer options to boot.

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