Sony announces new PS3 preview events

Fancy your chances at Sony's forthcoming Gran Turismo 5 time trials competitions at the new PlayStation Access events?

If you fancy a chance of playing early preview versions of this year's biggest PS3 games, then Sony has your back – with the company announcing the first details of its new consumer-focused 'PlayStation Access' events this week.

Sony's first UK PlayStation Access events take place inLondon from 4-6February and Glasgow from 18-20 February, with Sony promising early game demos and other PS3 and PSP teasers including giveaways, competitions and exclusives.

GT5 time trials

Sony announced: "Both events will be kicking off on the Friday evening, which will play host to our 18+ session. We will then have 4 more sessions that will take place over the course of the weekend, involving intimate developer sessions, a FIFA Interactive World Cup tournament, where we will be taking the winners from each session through to the FIWC UK Final.

If you've been caning Gran Turismo 5 for the last few months, then it is certainly worth making the trip to one of Sony's events, as the company is offering virtual drivers the chance to take part in Time Trial competition to win tickets to the UEFA Champions League Final at Wembley this coming May.

Sony promises that PlayStation Access "is here for good" and if you want to get involved then you can find out times and ticket pricing and further details over at the PlayStation Access site.