NVidia's three-screen 3D gaming tech gets delayed

Nvidia's multi-monitor 3D gaming tech gets delayed

NVidia's monster 3D three-screen 3D Vision Surround gaming tech is set to hit a few delay snags, putting back the planned release to the end of June.

3D PC gaming fans with lots of money to spend on two new GTX 470 or GTX 480 cards from Nvidia (not to mention two or three new monitors!) are sure to be mildly miffed, although the delay really is only a matter of weeks. The NVIDIA Blog has more info.

Multi-monitor gaming

TechRadar has phoned ('reached out' as the parlance has it) NVidia for updates on the plans for the UK release of 3D Vision Surround, so stay tuned for updates as and when we hear back.

Alternatively, you could always splurge on ATI's Eyefinity SIX-monitor set up, if you really cannot wait for some multi-monitor gaming fun.

ATI has recently set up an an Eyefinity Experience Tool which explains the benefits of multi-monitor gaming pretty well. Head to ATI for more on that.

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