Namco's 3D Xbox and PS3 game detailed

Blitz Games has been showcasing its impressive 3D gaming technology at the Games Developers' Conference in San Francisco this month.

TechRadar was treated to an in-depth demo of the technology and we can vouch for two things: firstly, it works; secondly, it works.

We'll bring you our in-depth interview with the guys behind what could well be one of the next major tech advances in gaming later this month.

British devs beating Hollywood

In the meantime, Leamington-based Blitz Games has been informing GDC attendees that it will beat Hollywood to the 3D punch.

"While the movie business stumbles over digital format issues, Blitz intends to deliver home console gaming in 3D, and the studio plans to team with TV manufacturers to reach early adopting consumers," reports

"We're going to try and beat them, it's a race," said Blitz's CTO, Andrew Oliver, "We'll get our games out before the movies."

"I first saw proper high-definition through the Xbox, because there wasn't Sky HD and services like that. I think the same will happen again, it's like with 3DTVs, people are going to experience their first content via games," added Oliver.

"Film company's think they're going to be getting their films out but format wars will delay them. And we'll be there on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360."

Invincible Tiger 3D

TechRadar has already had a brief hands-on with what could well be the first 3D game to be made commercially available later in 2009 – Namco's downloadable XBLA and PSN title Invincible Tiger.

Perhaps the most groundbreaking thing about the beat-'em-up/platformer that is Invincible Tiger – which you can see the first shots from right here – is the fact that the feeling of depth in the game provided by the 3DTV tech is no mere gimmick.

When we played a level of the game, it actually adds considerably to the overall gameplay experience, in that the player has the feeling of greater control over his character when moving him around in all directions. Stay tuned for our in-depth preview of Invincible Tiger shortly.

Note that, as yet, there is no firm confirmation that this title will ever see the light of day outside of Blitz's studio up in Leamington.

Blitz's Andrew Oliver informed us that the developer is in talks with both Namco and a number of 3DTV manufacturers about the best ways of bringing the title to market.

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