GDC 2014: our top 5 moments from this year's gaming conference

The Expo has kicked off to huge crowds of gaming enthusiasts, more developers and of course, industry bigwigs ready to woo and be wooed.

With the news of Sony's VR headset out in the open, it looks like virtual reality is becoming the "it" topic on everyone's minds.

In fact, there's a new Oculus in town folks, and it promises to be even better than before.

Stay tuned for more from the show floor - we'll be bringing more exciting news and hands ons until the end of the week!


Stuff of dreams

Speaking of Sony's foray into virtual reality, we were able to test out Project Morpheus ourselves and though only a beta, it rocked our world.

Project Morpheus is a 1080p head mounted display with a 90-degree field of vision. It straps around your head and the displays - technically one for each eye - hover a few inches in front of your face.

There's no price point or a release date just yet, but it definitely won't be out this year.

That leaves plenty of time to fix up the Morpheus's issues and plop out dev kits for our PS4 consoles.

Ogling the Oculus

We went eyes on with the Oculus Rift again and despite showing off Crystal Cove during CES 2014, Dev Kit 2 has made more improvements since then.

The new Oculus Rift development kit 2 has no control box - all the guts have been integrated into the headset itself, and the Rift has just a single cable - HDMI and USB woven together.

It's available now - for developers only of course - and priced at $350.00 (about £210, AU$385).

Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2

We spoke with Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe before Sony's VR plans became official and he was more than happy about the added competition.

Sony hearts indie

Sony is continuing its support of independent game developers more than ever with its latest addition of dev tools and middleware.

This year, the company plans on providing extra support for the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita through GameMaker: Studio and MonoGame development tools.

Fourteen PS4 games have already been self-published and over 100 games are in development at the moment with more interested parties signing up.