GDC 2014: our top 5 moments from this year's gaming conference

It's day two and the Expo still hasn't opened but we're betting some big news will be out later tonight after Sony's panel.

Update: It's official! Sony has outed the its VR headset just as we expected.

The headset dubbed Project Morpheus, is destined for the PS4. Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony's Worldwide Studios, said the prototype headset is far from finished, and the company is looking for help from the developer community to "innovate with us."

Thanks to the PlayStation Move, Sony seems to have a lead in the control area for the headset. On a whole however, the company noted that it needs to touch on six areas to succeed: sight, sound, tracking, control, ease of use and content.

Keep checking TechRadar for more on the exciting, emerging news on VR - and of course and hands on with the Morpheus prototype.


Virtual reality for all

In the meantime, the Immersive Technology Alliance opened its first meeting with clarification about Oculus's recent departure.

However, various other VR companies were on hand like CastAR, Prio VR, Avegant, Middle VR, Epson, Vrelia, FPS Creator and Gameface Labs to show off hardware, tout the importance of VR software and discuss investors.

Despite the lack of an all-star VR name, the ITA seems to be in a good place with the current roster. Many of the companies are also hoping to find funding on Kickstarter, and perhaps the same fame that was thrusted on Oculus.

ITA meeting

Unity unifies

Unity 5 has also been announced. Unity is one of the most popular cross-platform engines and is now greatly improved.

Players can expect higher quality characters and environments thanks to better lighting and shading, meaning even more realistic graphics.

Unity 5

Falling in line with Epic's recent move to add more browser gaming to Firefox, Unity is also working with Mozilla to make plugin-free gaming.

Microsoft hearts indie

The Xbox One and independent developer relationship got off to a rocky start, but Redmond has definitely been busy trying to win back the devs.

Calling this "the midst of a golden age of independent games," Microsoft's independent developers publishing arms, or ID@Xbox, dropped the news at GDC that 25 new titles will soon be available.

The titles originate from nine countries, and include newcomers such as It Draws a Red Box and FRU. Current "fan favorites" being brought to the Xbox One platform include Strike Suite Zero and Divekick.

Other indie titles include Nutjitsu, 1001 Spikes, Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition (we're partial to the name) and Riptide GP2.

Expect to hear more from Microsoft in the coming days about DirectX 12, SmartGlass and cross-screen apps.