Exclusive: New next gen console motion control

British motion-control gaming specialists In2Games has released a teaser website containing the first details on its plans for developing next gen motion controlled games.

Squeeballs is the name of the first title in development for In2Games' Gametrak Freedom motion sensing controller.

In2Games is not yet able to confirm if the game will be developed for Xbox 360 and/or Sony's PlayStation 3, but has confirmed that it is launching for next gen consoles soon.

"All we can say is that it is coming out for next generation consoles," an In2Games rep told TechRadar today, when we contacted them about the teaser site.

"We will be revealing further details on Squeeballs and Gametrak Freedom in due course," the rep added.

Better than Wii?

Gametrak Freedom (formerly codenamed 'Fusion') is described on In2Games' own website as "a brand-new control system for next-generation games systems....the most advanced motion gaming system ever created!"

The technology developed at In2Games for Gametrak Freedom combines ultrasonic and RF technologies with 3-axis accelerometers.

This basically means that you can track the exact position and orientation in 3D space of the Freedom controller.

Squeeballs, the first title for Gametrak Freedom will launch soon (with exact dates still to be confirmed), with a number of other games also planned for those as-yet-to-be-confirmed "next-generation platforms" In2Games is working on.

Expect more announcements on this exciting technology in the coming months, as TechRadar finally gets a hands on preview.

Squeeballs madness

In addition to confirming which gaming consoles In2Games are developing Gametrak Freedom compatible games for, we should also have some more details on Squeeballs - teaser website at www.squeeballs.com - for you very soon.

All we can tell you right now is that the video teaser demo on the Squeeballs site shows that the game is a minigame compendium which looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

There are over 100 minigames in Squeeballs, some of which – such as bowling and balancing style games – show off the apparent responsiveness of the Freedom controller. You can see more for yourself on the teaser video.

Rumour and speculation

Of course, the internet is awash with rumour and speculation about motion-controllers being prepared in-house at Microsoft and Sony Computer Entertainment - but it's nice to finally get some concrete information on next generation motion-controlled gaming that is NOT Nintendo Wii related.

Combine the impressive CV of the development team over at Oxford-based developers Eiconic (made up of ex Travellers Tales guys) with the technical promises about Gametrak Freedom on In2Games own site and we're already itching to get a hands on with this new motion-gaming tech to try it out for ourselves.

Adam Hartley