Samsung's new smart TV hub and remote can control all your devices from one screen

Samsung's refreshed Smart Hub interface

Samsung is bringing out a pumped-up interface and remote for its smart TVs to reduce time wasted in menus and search bars, as well as cutting down on clicker clutter.

The revamped Smart Hub interface puts all of Samsung's smart TV features in one place, allowing users to build a home page for favorite apps and frequently-used devices. The interface also promises to talk with other devices, ensuring users can build up their home theater system without bogging down the experience.

Running with the "all-in-one" theme, Samsung's Smart Control Remote combines with the Smart Hub interface to create a single-remote solution.

Using the open-source Tizen platform, devices that interact with smart TVs also are able to sync up to the Smart Control Remote using automatic source recognition. According to Samsung, the remote can instantly recognize set-top-boxes, OTT boxes, Blu-ray players, and even game consoles.

"We have made it easier for people to discover and watch the content they want, when they want," said Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business Won Jin Lee in an official press release. "In 2016, Samsung's Smart Hub and Smart Control remote are providing the most streamlined, convenient and intuitive TV user experience."

Parker Wilhelm
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