Microsoft explains that 3D gaming is 'too expensive'

Microsoft, not sold on 3D
Microsoft, not sold on 3D

Neil Thompson, the UK head of Xbox, has revealed the reason why it is not planning to support 3D gaming just yet, saying that the technology is just too expensive at the moment.

Speaking to AfterDawn, Thomspon noted that: "If you look at the costs of entry into the living room and when that's going to become mass-market, we think the offering with Kinect and the natural user-interface we're bringing, that's a more compelling proposition for consumers over the coming years than maybe looking at 3D at this point."

Price comparison

Sony, in theory, is bringing 3D gaming to the PS3 for free via a firmware update. However, you will need to by a new 3D ready set to view the games, which will set you back in the region £1,000.

As for the price of Microsoft's new Kinect motion-controlled peripheral, Thompsan didn't give anything away, but did clumsily explain: "We haven't decided to announce that at this point and we'll make that decision in due course and then announce it in due course. We haven't landed on a date yet when exactly we'll announce it, but when we do we'll let you know."

If Thompson thinks that 3D is too expensive, he may well have been surprised at the rather low price of Sony's Kinect competitor Move, which will cost just £50.

Although Microsoft is not revealing anything on pricing for Kinect just yet, we're expecting it to be nearer the £100 mark when it is released in the UK 4 November.

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