Call of Duty: Elite for older titles 'not ruled out'

Call of Duty: Elite for older titles 'not ruled out'
Elite could start looking to the past

Call of Duty: Elite members found themselves with a new multiplayer map this week for Modern Warfare 3, but in the future it could be games like Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: World At War which get new content.

This is according to Beachhead Studio, which believes that that the Elite service could well be pushed out to older titles in the future.

Speaking to TechRadar about the new map packs, which include Spec Ops maps Black Ice and Negotiator and are available for the Xbox 360, Noah Heller, product director at Beachhead Studios, said that we shouldn't rule out Elite coming to older games in the franchise but it was the newer games that were the focus at the moment.

"There's a challenge for us, in that there are limited resources and limited time. So we are always going to have to prioritise working on the present game than going back to the past," explained Heller.

"But I wouldn't rule it out that at some point that we wouldn't reverse engineer so that those older games can fit into the Elite universe."

Connective tissue

Mark Cox, European marketing director for CoD, also explained to TechRadar the importance of Elite to Call of Duty noting that the service shouldn't be seen as game based.

"Call of Duty: Elite is the connective tissue of the whole franchise, so it is not based on a game release schedule – you get updates and new features all the time from being part of the service."

This is the reason, according to Heller, that Elite should be for as many titles as possible and that going forward games won't stop being supported.

"I don't think we will ever stop a title for some reason but we have to make sure that we have enough features for our community in the present day instead of going to the past," said Heller.

"You can see that in how we are supporting Black Ops. The community for this game asked for more operations and we started running a parallel operation on this game alongside Modern Warfare 3, so those guys have something to compete against too."

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