Forget the new iPhone SE - the iPhone 12 mini is free right now at Verizon

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Everyone's heard the news - there's a new iPhone SE (opens in new tab) landing this week. Did you know, however, there's another great budget Apple device that's going for free right now at Verizon?

Yep, the iPhone 12 mini is an absolutely stellar choice for budget Apple fans and it's now free with a new line on an eligible unlimited data plan (opens in new tab) with this week's Verizon deals. 

While these unlimited data plans at Verizon can admittedly be pretty price affairs, the biggest selling point with this particular deal is that you don't even need to trade-in an older device to be eligible - something that is essentially a requirement on more premium devices like the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro.

The iPhone 12 mini is definitely a little bit older now but it still holds up great for 2022. Inside, it's A14 Bionic chip can't quite match the new iPhone SE's A15 Bionic, but it's still 5G capable and it's all wrapped up in a much, much more modern design. Even though we're expecting great Apple iPhone SE 2022 deals (opens in new tab) come launch on Friday, this iPhone 12 is still going to be the budget device of choice for those looking for a smaller Apple device with a modern aesthetic.

If you want something newer, then this week's Verizon deals (opens in new tab) also features the same no-trade-in-needed promotion on the iPhone 13 mini - which is going for just $5 per month with a new unlimited line (opens in new tab). This one isn't quite as good value as the iPhone 12 mini in our books, but it's definitely a much more powerful device thanks to the A15 Bionic chip inside.

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Verizon iPhone deals

Apple iPhone 12 mini: free with a new unlimited data line at Verizon (opens in new tab)

Apple iPhone 12 mini: free with a new unlimited data line at Verizon (opens in new tab)
No trade-in needed: Want an iPhone on a budget but don't like the older design of the new SE? This week's Verizon deal on the iPhone 12 mini lets you take home a very modern looking device indeed for free with a new line on an unlimited data plan. No trade-ins are needed here, which makes this easily one of the best value iPhone deals on the entire Verizon site right now. 

Apple iPhone 13 mini: $5/mo with a new unlimited data line at Verizon (opens in new tab)

Apple iPhone 13 mini: $5/mo with a new unlimited data line at Verizon (opens in new tab)
No trade-in needed: And for those of you who are willing to spend a little more, consider Verizon's latest deal on the iPhone 13 mini. Right now this powerful yet palm-friendly device is going for just $5 per month (a total saving of $520) with a new unlimited data line. Again, no trade-in is needed here to get your discount, making this a very flexible option all around.

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