Fixed wireless NBN is finally getting the upgrade customers deserve

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Fixed wireless NBN users, a large number of whom live in regional and rural areas of Australia, have been stuck with sluggish internet speeds since the NBN first rolled out. But many will soon get access to the faster download speeds they deserve – up to 325Mbps.

In 2024, NBN Co will introduce two higher speed tiers, known as 'home fast' and 'home superfast', with the home superfast tier expected to deliver download speeds between 200–325Mbps and upload speeds in the 8–20Mbps range. 

This would be a significant improvement on what’s currently available to Australians on the fixed wireless network, which only supports download speeds of up to 75Mbps and upload speeds of up to 10Mbps. 

To further put the upgrade into perspective, if the fixed wireless home superfast tier is truly capable of download speeds up to 325Mbps, this would make it equal to or perhaps even better than some of the best NBN 250 plans available now on the fixed line network.

While the home superfast tier might be the top star, the fixed wireless home fast tier launching alongside it is no slouch either, as it's anticipated to deliver download speeds of up to of 100–130Mbps and upload speeds of around 8–20Mbps.

Why fixed wireless NBN speeds are improving

These kinds of faster speeds have been made possible by a AU$750 million investment provided by the Australian Government and NBN Co, specifically intended to boost internet speeds in regional and rural areas across the country.

These funds are being used to upgrade more than 2,200 of the NBN’s fixed wireless infrastructure sites with 5G capability, with NBN Co saying it will “vastly extend the range, speed and capacity of its existing fixed wireless network, while reducing latency to deliver the best possible customer experience”.

Crucially, NBN Co say the improved range will increase the country’s fixed wireless coverage by up to 50%, and should also give approximately 120,000 homes that are currently saddled with the NBN’s satellite internet service – Sky Muster – access to much faster fixed wireless services.

It’s expected that 100% of the homes within the expanded fixed wireless area will be able to receive the new home fast tier (downloads between 100–130Mbps), while 85% of premises soon receiving the coverage are expected to receive access to home superfast (downloads up to 325Mbps).

NBN Co hasn’t yet disclosed the suburbs and towns which will be receiving the expanded fixed wireless coverage, but has confirmed that initial work is already underway. If you want to receive updates on the rollout, you can register on NBN Co’s website.

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