eBay announces Crash Sale day for if Amazon Prime Day fails again

eBay Crash Sale
Image credit: eBay (Image credit: eBay)

There's less than a month before Amazon Prime Day on July 15 comes along to convince you to buy all the gadgets and tech you probably don't need. During last year's sales, the Amazon website went down for a few hours due to the sheer volume of traffic hitting the site, and it's likely the company is preparing well in advance for many eager shoppers this year, to avoid the same happening again.

Amazon isn't the only company gearing up for Amazon Prime Day though, as eBay has a proposition for you – if Amazon goes down like it did last year, eBay will put on its Crash Sales, so consumers can still get tech products for a discounted price.

The eBay Crash Sale will see savings of up to 50% off products from well-known brands like Samsung, Apple and LG on June 15 – and then if Amazon does crash, eBay will open the doors for even more deals, but they haven't said what so far..

The Crash Sale is one of many sales eBay has coming up to rival Amazon Prime Day: from July 1-7 is the 4th of July 4th Savings, which will see up to 85% reductions on home electronics like cookware, vacuums and camping gear, and July 8-22 sees Hot Deals for Hot Days, in which each day will bring new deals on tech and gadgets of up to 80% off.

While 50% off expensive brands might not seem a lot compared to the 80% and 85% of the preceding weeks, it's a lot better than the 0% savings you'll see if Amazon goes down with no rivals to take its space, so eBay could be providing a valuable service if this happens.

Amazon Prime Day is on July 15 and 16 – so perhaps Prime Days would be a better name – and at TechRadar we'll be reporting live on all the best deals and bargains, so come back then to find out how to best spend and save your money.

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