Deal: du is now offering the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on installments


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a fantastic phablet that we believe is the best phone Samsung has ever made. However it comes at a rather high price tag with the Note 8 price in UAE at AED 3,399. If you've been looking to purchase a Galaxy Note 8 but didn't want to spend all of that in one go, you might want to head over to a du store near you.

The telco is offering the Galaxy Note 8 to its postpaid customers at AED 295 per month. You will have to sign a two year contract for that and in that monthly price you'll also be getting 300 flexible minutes and 6GB of data per month.

It's not necessarily a great deal as du is offering that identical package for AED 150 per month with a two year contract. You're basically paying an additional AED 145 for 24 months for the phon which equals to AED 3,480. That is slightly higher than the retail price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at AED 3,399. 

Again, not necessarily a great deal but you do have the convenience of paying for the device in installments and the total amount could be lower than what your credit card would charge you, were you to buy the phone on that instead.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 currently places on the 4th position in our best phone of the year for 2017. The large 6.3-inch Infinity Display with the S Pen make the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 a unique device that's unmatched in productivity.