Don't sleep on Verizon's iPhone deals this Memorial Day - score a free device now

Verizon iPhone deals Memorial Day sales
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It's not just cheap appliances you'll want to be looking out for in this weekend's Memorial Day sales, there are also great iPhone deals to be had - especially over at Verizon.

Take the still-amazing iPhone 11 for example. iPhone deals on this great flagship are pretty rare at big red but right now you can score a free additional device when you purchase the first with a new plan. Before you ask, yes - we have seen this particular promo before on a range of devices, the iPhone 12 included, but it's been literally ages since it's been available on the 11. The iPhone 11 is $100 cheaper than the 12-series from the offset, so the barrier of entry is pretty low here as well.

Speaking of the 12-series, however, there are also some fantastic Verizon iPhone deals to check out in this weekend's Memorial Day sales for those devices too. The standard iPhone 12 can be picked up with either that same buy-one get-one promo, or potentially for free with an eligible trade-in and new plan. Switching over? You'll also score an additional $200 on either of those deals - which can be used to pay off your plan bills, very handy.

And, we've also thrown in an additional wild-card Verizon iPhone deal to check out this weekend on the iPhone 12 Mini. This device is going for completely free right now for those porting their number over to big red. Is it a niche promo? For sure, but if you're making the switch then you're really in luck here.

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Verizon's Memorial Day iPhone deals

Apple iPhone 11: buy-one get-one free with a new unlimited plan
Ends Monday -

Apple iPhone 11: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">buy-one get-one free with a new unlimited plan
Ends Monday -
The venerable (but still great) iPhone 11 doesn't tend to feature much in Verizon's iPhone deals - the carrier prefers to push newer devices. That's why you'll want to jump on this rare opportunity to get yourself an additional device for absolutely free when you purchase the first with a new unlimited plan. While this deal is actually also available on the 12-series, the iPhone 11 is a whole $100 cheaper, so the barrier for entry is way lower here.

Apple iPhone 12: buy-one get-one free, or save up to $800 with a trade-in and new plan

Apple iPhone 12: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">buy-one get-one free, or save up to $800 with a trade-in and new plan
Prefer to get a newer device? Thankfully, Verizon's iPhone deals over Memorial Day are just as good on the iPhone 12. Right now not only can you get that same 'buy-one get-one' promo with a new plan, but you've also got the option to potentially get it for free with a trade-in currently if you'd prefer that instead. Also available is an extra $200 in savings if you happen to be switching over from another carrier - which applies to both of the previous two promos.

Apple iPhone 12 Mini: free with a switch and new plan

Apple iPhone 12 Mini: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">free with a switch and new plan
Here's a fantastic (almost) no strings attached way to bag yourself a free device in Verizon's latest iPhone deals. Currently big red is giving this device away for absolutely free if you're switching over from another carrier. While pretty niche, no trades are needed here, which makes it an incredibly tempting offer if you were thinking about making the jump.

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