Amazon tipped to bring the Echo to the UK this month

The Amazon Echo
Welcome to the UK, Amazon Echo?

UK tech fans don't have it too bad when it comes to waiting for gadget launches, but there are some bits of kit that seem to take an age to make it over the Atlantic - the Amazon Echo, for example, which is still unavailable despite launching in the US way back in June 2015 (and even earlier for Prime members).

If you don't have a calendar handy, that's more than a year ago, but there could be light at the end of the tunnel: Amazon has sent out invites to a press event in London, scheduled for 14 September. People are putting two and two together and coming up with a UK launch for the company's smart speaker.

There's more evidence from Alexa, the personal assistant bot that comes built into the Echo. When quizzed about the upcoming event, Alexa says "I promised I wouldn't tell", another hint that we are indeed in line to see a British launch.

Despite a rather low-key launch, the Echo has grown to become one of Amazon's most innovative and exciting products, with new features being added all the time. In fact it's been so successful that Google has already copied it and Apple is rumoured to be about to. Whatever's happening on the 14th, we'll bring you the news on TechRadar.

Here's our hands-on with the Samsung Gear S3 from IFA:

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