Dell XPS 13 deals are starting at just $579 this weekend

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Dell XPS laptop deals can offer some truly premium machines without breaking the bank. The XPS is Dell's shining jewel, but suffers from some pretty high price tags on the latest releases. Browsing through older models, however, can yield some excellent value - especially if you're after a high end laptop capable of storming through more demanding workflows. 

That's the story this week, as a number of slightly older Dell XPS deals have hit the official Dell storefront just in time for the weekend. At just $579.99, however, this i3 configuration has to be one of the cheapest Dell XPS laptop deals we've ever seen. 

You're saving $170 over the original $749.99 sales price on this model, and while it'll serve those looking for a lower performance better, there's some stunning value packed into this premium chassis. That 10th generation i3 processor and 4GB RAM will limit you a little, but an excellent 256GB SSD is sitting particularly pretty at this price point. 

However, you can also upgrade to an i7 build for a full $300 off right now. Previously available for $1,049.99, this 10th gen i7 / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD configuration is on the shelves for an excellent $749.99. That's the perfect price point for anyone looking for a zippy PC for everyday work and the odd high intensity program. 

For those who need the power for media editing or more complex workflows, we'd recommend taking a look at this 512GB model, complete with 16GB RAM. There's plenty of power stored away in here, and at just $899.99 (was $1,249) it's not too much of a jump from the 256GB configuration above. 

We're rounding up all these Dell XPS laptop deals just below. 

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Today's best Dell XPS 13 deals


Dell XPS 13 laptop (i3): $749.99 $579.99 at Dell
This is the Dell XPS 13 configuration we had been seeing on sale for a while before the newer models dropped. That $749.99 price felt like a steal back then, but now that this model has aged out slightly, you'll find it for just $579.99. Considering the pedigree of the XPS, this is a fantastic price. However you are getting fairly entry level specs here - 4GB RAM and an Intel 10th gen i3 processor won't offer too much power, but a 256GB SSD is an excellent addition.


Dell XPS 13 laptop (i7): $1,049.99 $749.99 at Dell
If you do need a little more power under the hood, though, you'll find an excellent price on this 10th gen i7 Dell XPS laptop deal. While that's a generation behind in Intel's current CPU lineup you're also getting 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD in a premium chassis for a great price here.


Dell XPS 13 laptop (i7): $1,249.99 $899.99 at Dell
If you can spring the extra $150 for this 512GB model, though, you'll have plenty of space for more demanding programs and larger files. 16GB RAM is also supporting that larger SSD and you'll find a 10th gen i7 processor insider as well. That's all for $350 off in the latest Dell XPS 13 deals.

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