Nvidia CEO is delighted with iPad success

Nvidia CEO is happy to see Apple's initial success with the iPad
Nvidia CEO is happy to see Apple's initial success with the iPad

Chief Executive Officer of graphics' giant Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang, has expressed his delight at the initial success of Apple's iPad, claiming that 2010 is going to be a year of new tablet PC and 3D technologies.

Huang told the company's annual analysts meeting that all of these trends favour visual computing and that the success of Apple's iPad points the way to a bright near future for Nvidia's own graphics and mobile graphics technologies.

The best is yet to come

"I am really delighted to see the success of Apple," said the Nvidia boss. "And now we can take it from there forward and innovate all around that. We have seen the first of the tablets. But we haven't seen the best of it yet."

While Huang thinks that new tablet PCs will eat into the revenue generated by traditional keyboard-input computers, he doesn't think that they will ever replace the traditional laptop or desktop PC.

Nvidia recently launched Fermi, its next-graphics chip, with Fermi devices set to be released in the near future.

"What's different now is Fermi is in production," said Huang. "Two years ago, I was just fantasizing about it."

Nvidia is also set to launch its Tegra 2 mobile graphics chips later this year. The graphics specialist is also heavily promoting its 3D Vision technology for 3D gaming and Blu-ray viewing.

Via Venturebeat

Adam Hartley