Apple downgrading iCloud storage to 5GB on Sept. 30

All iCloud accounts will be 5GB on September 30
iCloud-y with a chance of downgrading

Apple has begun sending out warning emails to iCloud users that storage capacity will reduce to 5GB as of Sept. 30.

When Apple made the transition from MobileMe to iCloud for its cloud storage solution, it made the offer for loyal users to receive a temporary 20GB boost in storage space. That extra space is now expiring as of this Friday.

On Sept. 30, Apple will downgrade those accounts to the basic 5GB iCloud allotment. Users who made use of the extra space will not lose any data, but they will also not be able to add any until they delete data from their iCloud account to under 5GB.

This includes backing up iOS devices and even receiving new emails, if those iCloud features were being used.

Of course, users can also opt to purchase more storage space on their iCloud account if needed, but the days of an extra 20GB for free is coming to an end.

The evaporating iCloud

Not all iCloud users will notice the change, only those who received an additional 20GB when transitioning their MobileMe account to an iCloud account will be effected.

Even among those users, only those who used more than 5GB of cloud storage will have to make a change in their storage habits.

Only effected users will receive an email from Apple regarding the change, but in case any miss the email (perhaps because their inbox is already full and their cloud storage is cut off) we have reprinted Apple's email below:


Your iCloud storage will be reduced to 5 GB on 09/30/2012. However, you are currently using more than 5 GB.

Unless you take action before your downgrade takes effect, backups to iCloud will stop, and apps will no longer be able to save documents to iCloud. You can either free up storage or cancel your downgrade to keep your current storage plan for another year.

To free up storage in your account:

Step 1:
On your iOS device, go to Settings and tap iCloud

Step 2:
Tap Storage & Backup

Step 3:
Tap Manage Storage and choose items you'd like to delete or stop backing up For more information on managing your iCloud storage, please read this article.

To keep your current storage plan:

Step 1:
On your iOS device, go to Settings and tap iCloud

Step 2:
Tap Account

Step 3:
Tap your current plan, then choose Downgrade Options and follow the prompts You can also cancel your downgrade from a Mac or PC.