Apple closes up shop on MobileMe, users can still migrate to iCloud

Apple shutters MobileMe for good

When Apple lit up iCloud last fall, it warned existing MobileMe users that the service would shut down after Saturday, June 30 -- and that's exactly what happened over the weekend.

But while MobileMe may be down for the count, users who haven't yet migrated their data are getting a second (or is that third?) chance to do so.

Although MobileMe has been closed to new subscribers for more than a year, former subscribers have been able to migrate their account to the free iCloud service and even access data stored there prior to the service shutting down on June 30.

As it turns out, that's still the case.

Closed for business

"For a limited time, you can still move your account to iCloud, download your photos from Gallery, and download your files from iDisk," the MobileMe website now reads.

Apple has yet to reveal exactly how limited this "limited time" offer will be, but it's likely music to the ears of procrastinators who didn't get a chance to transfer their data over the weekend.

While iDisk data and Gallery photos can still be accessed, Apple has removed the companion iOS apps from the App Store, and other features of MobileMe such as iWeb hosting for websites are gone for good.