Seagate launches 3TB 3.5-inch disk drive

Seagate preparing to launch its first 3TB hard disk drive later in 2010

Seagate has confirmed it will soon offer a three terabyte 3.5-inch hard drive later in 2010, although PCs running Windows XP will apparently not be able to handle the new HDD.

Seagate reps have also explained that the launch of the new 3TB drive depends on operating system, motherboard BIOS, and RAID vendor support.

Providing all of that falls into place as planned, Senior Product Manager Barbara Craig, told Thinq that Seagate expects to launch the 3TB drive by the end of 2010.

HDD pub knowledge tip

Also note that only 64bit Windows 7, Vista, Mac OS X and "modified versions of Linux" are currently able to read drives larger than 2.1TB.

This is because the LBA (logical block addressing) standard built into the original version of DOS is not able to assign enough addresses (identifiers) to all the sections of a drive beyond 2.1TB. This is circumvented in 64bit systems by what is called a 'Long LBA'.

Remember that last sentence. Memorize it. And then say it word perfect to your mates in the pub if and when they ask you the question: "I wonder why my XP machine cannot handle anything larger than a 2.1TB hard drive?"

Via Thinq