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Sparkle launches GeForce GTX580 V-Go

Sparkle Releases GeForce GTX580 V-Go
Sparkle has announced the GeForce GTX580 V-Go

Sparkle Computer has followed up its GeForce GTX580 with the new GeForce GTX580 V-Go.

The GeForce GTX580 V-Go uses Nvidia's Fermi architecture, offering 512 CUDA cores and 1536MB GDDR5 high-speed video memory.

Additionally, the V-Go adds Vapor Chamber thermal cooling design for an improvement over the old copper heat-pipe thermal design that is far more efficient than the old copper heat-pipe cooling and gives quieter operation.

Kevin Wang, General Manager of Sparkle, said: "Our mission is to provide the best graphics cards products and services to DIY players and professionals with expertise spirit on graphics cards manufacturing for 16 years."

The V-Go ditches the old black PCB with the white output interface for something far more colourful, using a blue PCB design with double purple DVI-I + mini HDMI output interfaces.