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CES 2019 gadgets you can buy right now

CES 2019 is over, so you've probably moved on to asking this next question – in this exact format: 'When can I buy all of the gadgets I saw those hard-working TechRadar editors cover last week?' Why, thank you.

The good news is that some gadgets are already on sale and available to pre-order. Big names like TCL, Lenovo, and Dolby are readily making their wares available to buy starting today. You just have to find them.

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Below, we've laid out the best CES tech that's shipping now or in the very near future. Yes, some of the best TVs at CES 2019 may be weeks away from being available, but as long as you're not bent on joining the 8K revolution, there are some top-of-the-line gadgets here now.

75-inch TCL Roku TV 6-Series $1,799.99
We were there when TCL announced its biggest TCL 6-Series Roku TV for a price "under $1,800." Turns out it's $1,799.99. Go figure. It's still a bargain for a 75-inch 4KTV, sold exclusively at Best Buy.View Deal

FightCamp Connect starting at $399
We boxed our way into CES, with one of the first gadgets we tested being smart boxing gloves against a traditional free standing bag. The boxing gloves alone start at $399 if you don't need the bag.  

View Deal

Lenovo Smart Tab with Alexa (M10) $250
There are two versions of the new Lenovo Smart Tab with Alexa. This is the cheapest version: a 10.1-inch Android tablet that also acts as a screen-equipped smart home speaker.  View Deal

Lenovo Smart Tab with Alexa (P10) $300
But this is our preferred version. It has more RAM, more storage, more speakers (four) and a better camera. And get this, it's actually lighter than the Lenovo Smart Tab M10, all for $50 more.View Deal

Dolby Dimension bluetooth headphones $599
In stock today, these are powerful-sounding wireless headphones that cost a pretty penny. However, they're comfortable and have been fine-tuned by the experts at Dolby. They know a thing or two about sound.View Deal

Withings Move fitness tracker headphones $69.95
This smartwatch looks like a regular analog watch, but it auto-tracks you as you walk, run, swim and bike. It totals your calories burned and distance, and also tracks your sleep. The best part is that it has GPS and an 18-month battery life.View Deal

DJI Osmo Pocket $349
Okay, this one was technically on sale before the new year, but CES was the Osmo Pocket's first public outing. Plus, it was hard to find before Christmas. It's one of our favorite gadgets for 2019.View Deal

We'll have full reviews of these CES-unveiled products as they launch and get into our hands. That's also where you'll find the latest prices. Between now and the Samsung Galaxy S10 launch and MWC 2019, we have a lot of reviewing to do.