World's most desirable compact camera?

If you but a new Leica compact for just under a grand, then you won't mind shelling out on a decent case for it!

Leica is to cameras what Prada is to fashion – ridiculously expensive, yet beautifully designed (and, in truth, a brand we would all buy into were we filthy rich!).

The new Leica D-Lux 4 merely reinforces this, with many immediately claiming that it is the most beautiful compact camera ever designed.

"Leica has been making achingly hip cameras for longer than any of us have been alive," coos T3, "with the Titan up there with the coolest compacts."

Value-added somewhere

"In truth," the reporter begrudgingly admits, "it's no different to your average 10.1MP D-Lux 4, which means an overlarge 1/1.63" CCD image sensor, 3-inch LCD screen, manual and automatic operation, various scene modes, the option to capture RAW images and movie recording.

Leica promises that only 10,000 limited edition D-Lux 4 Titan's with the achingly hip titanium body and matching calf leather case will be made available in January.

No confirmed UK price yet, but in Japan the yen-equivalent pricing is around £935.

Filed under 'more money than sense'. Until we have more money, that is... For pics, head over to T3.