Bosch unveils futuristic electric bike with integrated ABS and on-board computer

Bosch e-bike concept
(Image credit: Bosch)

Bosch has revealed a new electric bike design, showing what the e-bike of the future could look like.

The eBike Design Vision is a concept rather than a production model, so you won't be able to take it for a spin any time soon, but it does include many of the components and features that will be coming to Bosch's real lineup in the coming months.

Bosch describes the bike as an 'urban sports cruiser' – an all-purpose design for city commuting during the week, and tackling off-road trails on the weekends.

The eBike Design Vision also features Bosch's new Nyon on-board computer, which will be arriving on production bikes later this year. Whereas the real Nyon will be a removable control unit, the concept shows it fully integrated into the bike's 'cockpit'.

Remote controls for the computer are built into the handlebars, cables and hydraulics are tucked inside, and the brake levers are camouflaged to blend in with the black handlebars.

The design also features Bosch eBike ABS – a feature you'll already find in the company's production bikes. This stabilizes the bike in harsh braking maneuvers, regulating pressure in the front brake and preventing the back of the bike lifting up. This system is activated whenever you hit the brakes hard and sensors detect that the front wheel is likely to lock.

In the concept, the ABS unit is hidden away behind a front luggage rack, making it as unobtrusive as possible. The rack is also fitted with an always-on LED light for improved visibility.

Making e-bikes cool

The release of the new e-bike concept was timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Bosch's first drive system for electric bikes.

In the concept, this is fully integrated into the carbon frame, with cooling channels to prevent heat build-up. The battery is integrated into the downtube, and can be removed for charging.

Bosch says that design features like these will be increasingly important in the future, as e-bikes shed their clunky, unstylish image and become more accepted as a convenient and green means of travel. It's a move we've already seen with slick, minimalist electric bikes like the Cowboy, and it will be interesting to see where established companies and startups take it over the coming months.

Cat Ellis

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