Best Christmas gifts for gamers 2016

At first you thought the gamer in your life would be easy to buy a Christmas gift for but now that it’s come down to it you’ve found they’re actually the boss level of Christmas gifting. They have all the hardware and you know they bought all the games they wanted during launch week so what does that leave for you to buy? 

Not to worry, we’re here to help you level up your gift game. From practical accessories to fun tie-in merchandise, there are gaming gifts out there that will suit stockings big or small, and won't leave you scrambling for gold coins.


Does the gamer in your life love nothing more than playing online with other people? Then there’s a good chance they’ll appreciate a headset designed just for that. Starting at £89.99 the SteelSeries Arctis 3 is a solid and affordable choice, though you always have the option to step up to the 5 or 7 models which are more expensive and have more advanced features to justify it. 

This headset is suitable for both console and PC gamers with, though the ability to go wireless only comes with the 7 model. Despite its understated design the SteelSeries offers Dolby 7.1 surround sound, a microphone that will cancel out background noise, and comfortable ear cushions made from material used in athletic clothing. This Christmas you could give the gift of sweat-free ears.  

Gaming keyboard

A comfortable and well-equipped keyboard is key (geddit?) to any good gaming experience, plus they’re pretty much the perfect shape to fill stockings on the larger side.

For a solid and affordably all-round gaming keyboard that you’ll also feel happy to type on as normal, the Logitech G810 is a good choice. This keyboard comes with the all-important customisable function keys and RGB lighting as well as Logitech’s own snappy Romer G switches. However, it doesn’t go overboard on the gaming-focused features choosing to stick to the essentials for a minimalist look and feel. 

Gaming chair

Gaming is very much a seated hobby, so buying the gamer in your life a specialist chair is likely to be appreciated. You know they’re going to spend hours sitting in it, so you might as well make sure that their back and, by extension, their performance is well-supported.

The Epic Gaming Chair from Noblechairs is a classy choice. While most gaming chairs feature gaudy bright colours that make them likely to clash with all but the most neutral decor, this chair features a more elegant, all-black design that should appeal to all tastes. 

It’ll even appeal to vegan gamers since it’s made from a faux leather material that’s inspired by car seats. It also has plenty of adjustment options to ensure maximum comfort.

Chair banner

Whether they already have a gaming chair or you want to get a nice little extra to accompany the one you've purchased for them, any World of Warcraft fan you're buying for this Christmas is likely to appreciate an Alliance or Horde chair banner.

Conveniently, it can also be draped around the shoulders for victory laps.  

These are available from ThinkGeek for $24.99 (around £20) plus shipping. 

Custom controller

Gaming controllers don’t change very much because they don’t really have to, but being presented with the same block primary color schemes generation after generation can get pretty boring. Plus, where's the individuality? To make things a little more special when they pick up their controller for a long day of play on Boxing Day, why not get the gamer in your life a custom controller? 

Custom Controllers and Controller Shop offer completely customisable Xbox One and PS4 controllers that will allow you to choose their favorite color, or a pattern featuring their favorite pop-culture characters. You can even throw a message or their gamer tag on there to make it extra personal. Prices start from £64.99 or $69.99.

NES Classic Mini

One for the retro gamer, the NES Classic Mini is the perfect throwback to Christmas lists past. And it’ll fit in their stocking! 

The NES Classic Mini come pre-loaded with 30 classic NES games including Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong Jr. Thanks to its pre-installed games, when your giftee opens this on Christmas morning they can plug it into their TV and start playing immediately. It really is a throwback to a simpler time. 

Not to mention it's only £49.99 on the official Nintendo Store

Gaming Monopoly

We heard you like videogames. Why not drag them away from their PC or console on Christmas Day with a gaming-themed board game?  Monopoly has no shortage of special edition boards to suit any gamer’s tastes from Pokemon, to Halo, to Assassin’s Creed.

Hip flask

Unfortunately, unlike our favorite game characters we don't have the suspiciously capacious pockets required to carry endless amounts of items. Something that might help is a handy hip flask. 

It’ll probably end up filled with double strength tequila rather than anything particularly life restoring but you could reasonably argue a strong drink has a magic all of its own.

Whether they're a warrior in need of health, a poison-slipping rogue, or a mana-powered mage, there's a hip flask for them.

You can pick one up for £14.99 from Gametee.

VR headset

2016 has been the year for virtual reality and 2017 is promising to be even bigger. It’s not every gamer that’s had the chance to pick up one of the high-end virtual reality headsets just yet, though. Still, there are plenty of more affordable entry level options that will help to ease them into the technology. Best to find out you’re prone to motion-induced VR sickness before you invest in the £300 PSVR.

So, for something that still offers quality but sits on the lower end of the price range, why not opt for the Google DayDream View. It’s a significant step up from the basic Google Cardboard but at a reasonable £69 it won’t break the bank. Just make sure they have a DayDream View ready phone like the Google Pixel before buying.


It’s not always easy to display your love of games around your home in a more, shall we say, subtle way than pinning posters to the wall and showcasing collectibles on a dedicated shelf. These gaming book cover prints are an understated and clever nod to some of the best classic games and we think with the right frame they’d look great in any home. 

You can get these A3 prints for £14.99 from Gametee, or buy a set of three for £29.99. 

Subscription box

Overwhelmed by all the choices here? Why not let someone do the bulk of the picking for you and buy your gamer a subscription to LootCrate. That way they’ll get a monthly box of cool gaming goodies for the length of the subscription you purchase, stretching out the Christmas cheer for a few more months.

Boxes include special licensed collectibles and clothing from the biggest games, with each box having an overall content value of around £35. You can get them their first box for around £23 or commit them to three months worth of goodies for around £70.