Best Buy takes on Amazon with its own free next-day delivery

You could get this TV at Best Buy tomorrow (Image credit: Future)

For a few years now, Amazon has been far and away the most convenient online retailer out there. With its Amazon Prime program, you can get free next-day shipping on plenty of products. But, now Best Buy is coming for Amazon's turf. 

Just in time for Black Friday 2019, Best Buy is implementing free next-day shipping to "99% of its customers." And, if one day is too much to ask, you'll even be able to get same-day shipping in many areas – though you'll have to pay extra for that.

In order to get free next-day delivery at Best Buy, there are a couple requirements. First, you'll have to make sure the product you're trying to buy supports next-day shipping. 

Luckily, it'll say whether the product you're looking at is available for next-day shipping right above that big, yellow "Add to Cart" button. Then, you'll just have to make sure you're spending at least $35, not including digital codes.

That means you might not be able to get free next-day delivery if you just buy a new Blu-Ray, but if you've just acted on an amazing PS4 Pro deal, you should have no problem getting free next-day delivery. Just be aware that this program isn't available everywhere, so you may want to plug in your zip code before you actually hit that buy button. 

So, basically, if you're looking to pick up some new techy gifts for your loved ones (or for yourself, we don't judge), you shouldn't feel pressured to just go for Amazon. With this free next-day shipping, you can get your shiny new technology faster, so you can just get to playing with it. And, with all the Best Buy Black Friday deals we're expecting to see, this new shipping policy is just in time.

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