Bank holiday sales: pick up a cheap laptop deal with the latest offers from Lenovo

bank holiday sales lenovo laptop deals
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If the latest bank holiday sales have you on the lookout for cheap laptop deals we strongly recommend checking out the latest offers over at Lenovo, some of which are yielding discounts of up to £300 off right now.

Using the code BANKHOLIDAYSAVE on select items, you'll be able to knock some considerable chunks off the asking prices of a whole range of brand new laptops. Our favorites include this Lenovo IdeaPad S540 for just £629.99 - a great price on a laptop that's equally at home at work or play. Considering you're getting an AMD Ryzen 7 processor, 8GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD and a gorgeous, near bezel-less QHD screen, that's a lot of laptop for the money for sure. 

If you're more into your gaming, check out this Lenovo IdeaPad 3 for £749.99 (was £799). That's not only a super sleek gaming laptop for the price, but it also has some pretty great components as well. A 10th gen Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD will set you up nicely for 1080p gaming and that £50 saving can be even used to pick up a couple of games on the side.

That's just a few of laptops on sale courtesy of the Lenovo bank holiday sale this weekend - we've added a few more for good measure just below. If you want to see the full list, simply click here. Also recommended is our main bank holiday sales page and also our bank holiday laptop sales page, where you'll find our top picks this weekend across all brands and retailers, not just Lenovo.

This weekend's best Lenovo bank holiday laptop sales


Lenovo Yoga C630 2-in-1 laptop: £929.99 £599.99 at Lenovo
to bring your total savings down to just over £300 on this brand new Yoga 2-in-1 laptop this weekend at Lenovo. Thanks to 4G connectivity, this Yoga is the perfect on-the-go tablet and laptop hybrid. With 8GB of RAM, and 8-core Snapdragon processor and 128GB SSD, it'll also pretty nippy as well.


Lenovo IdeaPad S540 laptop: £749.99 £629.99 at Lenovo
to knock £120 off the total price on this IdeaPad S540 laptop at Lenovo this weekend. This one's a great pick up for those who need a workhorse machine for more intensive applications. It's AMD Ryzen 7, 8GB of RAM and 512GB SSD should be able to handle most tasks with suitable efficiency, although the gorgeous QHD display is great for casual streaming as well.


Lenovo IdeaPad 3 gaming laptop: £799.99 £749.99 at Lenovo
at Lenovo to get £50 off your sales price on a brand new IdeaPad 3 gaming laptop this weekend. The IdeaPad's aren't Lenovo's top of the line gaming laptops, but they're still thinner and sleeker looking than most of the competition. This particular model features a 10th gen Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD, and a GTX 1650 Ti graphics card - great starter specs for 1080p gaming.


Lenovo ThinkPad T495 laptop: £1,319 £1,055.20 at Lenovo
to score a total saving of £264 on this premium ThinkPad T495 laptop at Lenovo. The ThinkPad range means serious business but they're not just for business - they're also great casual laptops too. This one especially comes packed with an AMD Ryzen 7 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD - really fast specs that will handle everything, minus intensive gaming applications.

Want to see more alternatives from other brands? Our cheap laptop deals page is a great place to visit while you're here as it's got plenty of options from HP, Dell, Acer and plenty other top laptop brands. 

If you're more interested in gaming side of things, head over to our cheap gaming laptop deals page, where you'll find a suitable list of powerful machines ready to take on the latest games.

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