Apple Watch 6 looks set to track sleep, but watchOS 7 may not work with your watch

Apple Watch 5
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Consistent leaks and rumors have suggested the Apple Watch 6 is set to come with sleep tracking and blood oxygen monitoring features, and it seems those two features may come to other smartwatches too.

According to trusted sources speaking to The Verifier, watchOS 7 and the Apple Watch 6 is where we'll see the new features debut. That means these features may also be available on your current Apple Watch, when the software rolls out.

That won't be the case for much older devices though. This report says the Apple Watch 3 and above will get access to the new tools, suggesting the Apple Watch 2, Apple Watch Series 1 or the original device won't be compatible with watchOS 7.

A blood oxygen monitor has been included on the Apple Watch in its various iterations in the past, but the feature has yet to be turned on or made usable. It seems that may change in watchOS 7.

We won't know about any of these features until Apple's WWDC 2020 event that is set to take place in June, which is where we're expecting the company's new software to be unveiled. Covid-19 concerns has meant Apple will take this event online, but the company still intends to unveil its new software in some form online.

It's likely we'll hear about iOS 14, macOS 10.16 and the next version of iPadOS at that event. We're unlikely see the new Apple Watch 6 device, though, until the company's expected September event where we may also see the iPhone 12.

A new report from Bloomberg has also suggested Apple employees continue to work on new products from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. That may mean we continue to see new devices on schedule despite the company having to ask a lot of its employees to work from home.

The report specifically refers to a new version of the Apple Watch, which other rumors have suggested may get a Touch ID fingerprint sensor and new workout modes alongside the updates listed above.

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