Apple Mac Mini M1 deals reach lowest prices ever in the US and UK

Apple Mac Mini M1 deals cheap price sale
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Apple deals hunters on both sides of the pond will be pleased to see the latest range of excellent price cuts on the new Apple Mac Mini M1 at Amazon this weekend.

Right now you can pick up this awesome little machine in its 512GB capacity variant for just $799.99 (was $899.99) (opens in new tab) or £827.99 (was £899) (opens in new tab) in each territory respectively. While we do often see the odd MacBook M1 deal grace the store pages of Amazon every so often, this is the cheapest price yet in both territories and a great option if you want one of these machines with a larger capacity drive, which we'd probably recommend.

Note - If you're visiting from the US you'll notice that the landing page only says $829 as the price initially. This is because Amazon is offering the last $30 saving at checkout, so you won't receive the full discount until then.

While diminutive, the new Apple MacBook Mini M1 isn't to be underestimated. The brand new M1 chip under the hood gives these small machines a huge amount of power - even when compared to the most expensive of Intel-based machines. For design work or production tasks especially they're absolutely fantastic, and their small size allows them to fit snugly even in the tightest of places. Subsequently, they're actually great value (despite being an Apple device!) and an easy recommendation - especially when there's Mac Mini M1 deals like these.

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Apple Mac Mini M1 deals at Amazon

Apple Mac Mini M1 (512GB): $899 (opens in new tab)

Apple Mac Mini M1 (512GB): $899 $799.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $99
and pick up the 512GB SSD model of the brand new Apple MacMini M1 for its lowest price ever this weekend. With a combination of a speedy (and large) drive, 8GB of RAM, and of course that new M1 chip, you'd be really surprised at how powerful these new machines are. Even though they're diddy, they can still keep up with the very best Windows machines out there - especially for creative and design work.
£899 £827.99 at Amazon UK (opens in new tab)

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