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Apple just made AirPods a bestseller this Black Friday

Apple AirPods 2
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Apple has just made a very compelling case for the AirPods as one of the go-to holiday gifts to buy during Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year by substantially lowering their price.

Ahead of the launch of the AirPods 3, Apple says it’s cutting the MSRP of the 2nd-Generation AirPods from $179 / £139 / AU$‎228 to just $129 (around £90, AU$170).

That should make them around the same price of some true wireless earbuds like the Amazon Echo Buds and half the cost of the market-leading Sony WF-1000XM4.

If they get even a small discount during the biggest shopping day of the year – which, in the past, they have – it will be tough to resist picking them up.

Say hello to the *lower-priced* Apple AirPods lineup

Apple Unleashed

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple lowering the price of the AirPods makes a lot of sense – after all, that's exactly what it does for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch every year. That allows Apple to clear out some old inventory while offering folks a discount bringing them into the fold. 

Admittedly, that $129 price is pretty appealing for Apple's entry-level true wireless earbuds – we never felt they had strong enough sound performance to warrant their higher-than-average sticker price but loved their feature set for iOS users. 

Now that Apple's slashed the price, they're a much better value.

That being said, there's some very tough competition in that price range and Apple will still have a fight on its hands when going up against other earbuds – especially its own Beats Studio Buds and some cheaper value earbuds like the Lypertek Tevi. But hey, even if they're not the absolute cheapest ticket in town, we'll never turn down a good deal when we see one.

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