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Apple HomeKit devices: great smart home appliances that work with iOS

HomeKit power outlets

iHome SmartPlug

The range of products that are becoming 'smart' seems to be growing on a weekly basis, but undoubtedly you aren't going to want to replace everything in your home, and there are certain products that are going to take a long time before they make the switch, if ever.

That means that some products that have the highest 'Did I leave that on?' factor are frustratingly left behind. Well, smart plugs can help you control your more antiquated technology using your phone by switching them off at the wall. 

This not only means no more leaving your iron on when you're running late for work, but also that you can schedule lamps to come on at specific times, and stop your TV from running up your power bill on standby mode.

Elgato Eve Energy

The Elgato Eve Energy power point is one of the few HomeKit supported plugs that has a version for US, UK, AU and EU versions. With a great app and a range of devices, Elgato is one to consider if you're kitting out your whole home. 


Koogeek has quite a range of smart plugs, all supported by Apple HomeKit. There's no UK option at the moment, but given the fact that the company already produces lightbulbs for the UK market, we're hoping that it's only a matter of time before they produce a smart outlet. 


iDevices stands out from the crowd in that it offers not only power socket adaptors, but also wall outlets themselves, so you are plugging straight into the wall and still getting the HomeKit benefits. It also offers a plug socket for outside, so you can turn off your garden lights too.

Other power outlets to consider / coming soon:

HomeKit Locks

August Smart Lock

You might be hesitant to entrust your home's security to a smart connected device, but HomeKit certification requires security to be built into the hardware of the device itself. So long as your smart lock has the stamp of approval from Apple you know that the data it's sending is end-to-end encrypted, which should prevent anyone from hacking your front door.

If you do decide to invest in a smart lock you'll find it has a number of advantages, from being able to gain entry to your house using your phone, assigning 'guest keys' to friends, and even remotely letting people into your house.

August Smart Lock

With features like auto-detection and compatibility with its smart doorbell and keypad, you can effectively do away with having a key to your home with the August Smart Lock.

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

If the idea of not having a key at all is unsettling to you, it's worth considering the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt, which you can use with a traditional key, a keypad that can store up to 30 codes, or an app. 

Yale Assure Lock Home

Yale is one of the biggest names in locks, and so is a company you can trust with keeping your home secure. It doesn't yet have Apple HomeKit integration but it's coming soon. 

Other smart locks to consider / coming soon:

HomeKit Doorbells


Distinct from smart locks, smart doorbells are (you guessed it) doorbells with smarts. You may be thinking 'How can you make a doorbell smart? You press a button and it rings.' Well, it turns out that the humble doorbell has been distinctly lacking in some features you never knew you needed.

As well as the button, there is usually a camera and a speaker in the unit too. This means you can use your smartphone to see who's at your front door from the comfort of your couch, or even at the office. And with that handy speaker you can use the doorbell as a tannoy to tell the delivery driver that you're happy for the package to be left with a neighbor. 

Most come with the option to record as well, meaning if you're uncertain about a caller you have a record of them, and if you're trying to figure out who's ringing your doorbell and running away, wonder no longer. 

August Doorbell Cam

Coming from one of the big names in smart home technology, August's Doorbell Cam is currently the only smart doorbell that is officially announced to support HomeKit on the Apple website. The integration isn't live yet but is in the works.


There are now three different video doorbells from Ring; the original Ring, Ring Pro, and Ring 2. Ring has been promising HomeKit compatibility for a while now, originally promising early 2017, and while there is no set release date Ring assures that the project is ongoing. 


Similar to Ring, SkyBell doesn't currently support HomeKit but is working on integration.

HomeKit Sensors

First Alert Alarm

There are quite a range of different kinds of sensors you can kit your house with, from motion sensors, to weather sensors, to your more traditional smoke alarms and CO2 detectors. 

Smart smoke alarms allow you to learn (should the worst happen) that your house is on fire from your phone, and when paired with HomeKit can allow for potentially life-saving features such as having all your lights turn on to allow you to more easily escape your house.

There are also sensors that you can attach to your windows, doors and safes that alert you when they are opened, so you know that your house and your valuables are safe. 


Elgato has one of the most comprehensive ranges of sensors that integrate with Apple's HomeKit. Weather sits outside and gives you weather readings, Motion is a motion sensor, Room tells you about the quality of air in your home, Door and Window tells you if your doors and windows are open, and Degree tells you the temperature in your home. 


Fibaro also offers a range of different sensors, with its Motion Sensor, CO Sensor, Door/Window Sensor and Flood Sensor all supported by HomeKit. At present, Fibaro sensors are available in a number of different countries but not the UK or Australia.


Netatmo is one of the big names in smart thermostats, but that isn't all it makes. Also supported by HomeKit is the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach, which measures humidity, air quality, noise levels and temperature in your house. And on the way is its Smart Smoke Alarm.

Other security cameras to consider / coming soon:

HomeKit Security cameras

Canary Connected Home

We've already discussed smart doorbells that come equipped with security cameras, but a number of companies are also producing HomeKit enabled cameras, which you can use to protect and monitor your house.


At present, the D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD is the only security camera that is supported by Apple HomeKit. With a 180 degree field of vision, in-built microphone, and space for a microSD card, the D-Link will help you to keep an eye on your home while away.

Other security cameras to consider / coming soon:

  • Kidde RemoteLync Camera with RemoteLync bridge - coming soon
  • Logitech Circle 2 - coming soon

Haven't found what you're looking for? For a full list of every single item currently supported by Apple HomeKit, check out the official Apple HomeKit page.