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Anki, meet Alexa: Vector's cute robot to get Alexa integration

Vector, the cute domestic robot from Anki, is set to receive Alexa integration via a software update on December 17.

Anki's plans to team up with Amazon's voice assistant were first announced in October, having noted that Alexa integration was one of the most requested features on Vector's Kickstarter campaign.

The integration means that the adorable droid can do more than ever before, including controlling your smart home. You can seen some of the new features in Anki's announcement video below:

To enable Alexa on your Vector, all you have to do is say "Alexa" followed by a command. Then, you'll see the Alexa logo take over Vector's screen to indicate that you are speaking to the voice assistant rather than Vector itself. 

With this new feature you'll be able to check the weather, add items to your Amazon shopping list, and if you have compatible smart devices, control your smart home too. 

Not all Alexa features will be available from the get-go however, so you won't be able to stream music or call your contacts – for now, at least.

Via Engadget