Amazon Fire HD 10 is already on sale for £50 off in early Prime Day deal

Amazon Fire HD 10 deals
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While Amazon's Prime Day 2021 is still a week away, if you're looking to buy a Fire Tab HD 10 in the sales, you can skip the wait and buy one now, as an early sale has reduced the price of them.

This deal knocks £55 off the price of the tablet, in both its 32GB and 64GB storage variants. That brings them to £94.99 and £124.99 respectively, which are good prices for these big, cheap Android tablets.

Just note: this is for the 2019 version of Amazon's 10-inch Fire HD tablet, which was succeeded by the Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021) earlier this year. The newer slate isn't on offer yet, though could be during Prime Day proper (June 21 and 22).

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Today's best Amazon Fire HD 10 deals

Amazon Fire HD 10 (32GB) (2019): £149.99 £95.99 at Amazon (save £55)

Amazon Fire HD 10 (32GB) (2019): £149.99 £95.99 at Amazon (save £55)
If you don't need much storage space (or the newest Fire HD 10) this device will suit you just fine – it's a pretty low price for a tablet with a screen this big.

Amazon Fire HD 10 (64GB) (2019): £179.99 £124.99 at Amazon (save £55)

Amazon Fire HD 10 (64GB) (2019): £179.99 £124.99 at Amazon (save £55)
With 64GB storage you'll be able to download roughly double the amount of movies, music or files as on the other discounted device, useful for long trips.

The Amazon Fire range is the company's line of super-cheap Android devices, intended for on-the-go entertainment, with software that's closely tied to the various Amazon apps (Prime Video, Prime Music etc). The Fire HD 10 range is named for the screen, which are 10 inches diagonally and have high-definition resolutions.

This is a good tablet if you want a big, portable screen, but don't want to spend loads of money on an iPad or laptop. It can be used on trains, or as a way to entertain kids.

More Amazon Fire HD 10 deals

No matter where you live, you'll find all the lowest prices for the 2019-model Amazon Fire HD 10 from around the web right here, with offers available in your region. 

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