Alien TV show in the works from Fargo creator Noah Hawley

Alien TV show
(Image credit: Hulu/FX)

The first-ever Alien TV show is in the works, it's been confirmed, and the creator of this series is none other than Noah Hawley – the writer and director behind FX's Fargo and offbeat Marvel show, Legion.

Not much is known about this new show, except that it's seemingly called Alien, and that it's set in the near-future on Earth. The Alien movies have really struggled in recent years – so it's reassuring to see the show in such safe hands. 

Note that this show is 'in development', with no release date yet in mind, so you could be waiting awhile for this one. We expect to see this one release internationally on Disney's new Star service.

Why this is great news for Alien

For a long time, it feels like no one has known what to do with the Alien series, with both Prometheus and Alien Covenant proving to be big disappointments in comparison to the original films from director Ridley Scott. 

A TV show is just what the series needed – taking the time to develop some interesting characters will be crucial, and heading to Earth should offer us a fun change of venue for the titular space creature.

Hawley's track record speaks for himself – we can't wait to see what he's cooked up.

Samuel Roberts

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