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AirPods Pro get their first discount before Black Friday despite selling out at most stores

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Update: sadly Amazon is out of stock now, but you can still order at this price, albeit with an apparent wait of a month or two for delivery. Not to worry, we're sure there will be more offers coming soon in the upcoming AirPods Black Friday deals event or maybe even earlier.

Original story follows...

Amazon really isn't messing around. November is here and the Apple AirPods Pro price have received their first significant discount despite being sold out at most online retailers. Who says you need to wait for the Black Friday deals?

Amazon has only just put more stock online, but it's knocked $15 off the AirPods Pro meaning the new noise-canceling headphones are available for just $234.99. We'd be surprised if this is still in stock when you read this in all honesty – seriously if that price works for you, you need to get a move on.

Purchasable stock seems to have moved to backorders now, but you can still take advantage of this price, although you might have to wait a week or so for delivery. If you're needing a little extra convincing, then head on over to our AirPods Pro review.

The best AirPods Pro deal yet

Apple AirPods Pro | $249.99 $234.99 at Amazon
The brand new AirPods Pro have been incredibly sought-after already and we're not surprised given how quickly America made the standard AirPods the most popular earphones in the country. And now they finally come with noise-canceling features. The wireless charging case comes as standard with all AirPods Pro too.
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"But should I wait until Black Friday", you say? It's a fair point and to be honest, we would have been very surprised to see $15 come off the AirPods Pro during the big sales event after Thanksgiving as it is. Why? Back when the original AirPods were released, the biggest discount we saw on their first black Friday was...$7 off. 

So yes, this is pretty special but, at the same time, headphone prices are in a much more competitive space than they were back when the older AirPods launched. Sony and Bose will be decimating their profit margins on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to compete with Apple, so prices could go even lower. If you're hedging your bets, be sure to keep an eye on our dedicated AirPods Pro prices and deals guide for the best prices. Or if you're looking for the cheaper models, then our regular AirPods deals is the one you want.