5G home broadband deals are here thanks to Three - here's how much it costs

three 5g home broadband deals
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You'll have had to be living under a rock for the past few months not to have at least heard of 5G. It's all set to be the new normal for global connections and is promising a fresh dawn for smart living and driverless cars. It should also make connecting to the internet in our homes much faster and more stable.

But there's no need to keep speaking in the future tense when it comes to 5G broadband. UK mobile network Three has now gone live with its 5G home broadband deals, beating the likes of EE and Vodafone to this particular punch.

So how much does it cost to go 5G in your home with Three? Very simply, the monthly bills are £35 - and it's available directly from the Three website. That's more than you'll currently pay for regular fibre broadband deals, but probably a little less than we would have expected for this brand new technology.

As long as you're happy to wait a day for your new hub to arrive, you won't even have to pay a penny upfront - or you can give Three an extra £20 to get same day delivery.

But before you run off to Three and sign up, there's a rather large caveat to all this. For the time being, Three's 5G home broadband is available only in certain parts of Central London - Camden, Camberwell and Southwark to be precise. So until Three starts rolling its 5G broadband deals out to the rest of the country, you should check in on our guides to the best broadband deals and 4G home broadband deals.

Three's 5G broadband deal in full:

Three 5G Home Broadband | Free delivery (or £20 for same day) | £35 per month

Three 5G Home Broadband | Free delivery (or £20 for same day) | £35 per month
5G home broadband doesn't rely on landlines or fibre connections, it uses a signal network just like your mobile. That means you can move your hub around as well, rather than relying on a stationary router. Purveyors of 5G are promising much faster speeds than normal internet, which should mean smoother streaming, faster Googling and better gaming...for the whole household.

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