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Sky+ Remote Scheduler review

Record programs on Sky+ from your iPhone

Sky+ iPhone app
The user interface is nothing if not minimalist...

Our Verdict

Functional and easy to use, but looks plain and lacks features


  • Quick and easy


  • No visual identifier that you've set a recording
  • Lack of series link function

You've been able to remote record on your Sky+ box via a text message or the web for a while now; this new iPhone app, the Sky+ remote scheduler, lets you do the same from your iPhone.

It's a little ugly and lacks features, but it's quick and the TV guide, through which you can scroll or search, worked without a hitch. Once you've found a program you want to record, click on it, tap R and the instruction is sent to your Sky+ box.

The omission of any visual clue on the app to say that you've marked a programme for recording, as well as a lack of any other features to speak of, makes this seem like an early effort. The ability to add a series link would be greatly appreciated. Fingers crossed for version 2.0.

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